The Megan

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Megan's hair type is fine and slightly wavy. Being the pro that she is, here is what she's found to work best for her and those of you that also have a similar hair type.

"I shampoo twice then condition, followed by Kevin.Murphy's Anti.Gravity Spray. Before I blow dry, I use KM Body.Builder followed with a root lifting spray and KM Shimmer.Shine.

When I wear my hair straight I will use KM Shimmer.Shine before I flat iron. On curled days, which is most, I will use a heat setting spray before I curl and KM Bedroom.Hair spray to finish."

How often does she wash her hair per week?

"Once or twice every 2 weeks because blow drying takes too much time and styling dirty hair is way easier!

Depending on how 'dirty' my hair is, I use KM Fresh.Hair dry shampoo at night and/or in the morning."

'The Megan' Bundle includes:
  • Kevin.Murphy Maxi.Wash
  • Kevin.Murphy Plumping.Wash
  • Kevin.Murphy Plumping.Rinse
  • Kevin.Murphy Anti.Gravity Spray
  • Kevin.Murphy Body.Builder
  • Kevin.Murphy Shimmer.Shine
  • Kevin.Murphy Bedroom.Hair 

When purchased as a bundle, you save 10% in lieu of purchasing each item individually. The Megan Bundle is a $225 value and must be purchased in the studio only.