Founded on passion, talent, and friendship, Heat° was created to challenge established norms and to deliver an elevated, comfortable, welcoming experience for anyone who enters.


With backgrounds in the salon industry and interior design, co-founders Sally Weness and Nicole Panko began their journey in 2016 when they felt an evident need for a space that felt both inclusive yet high-end, where each individual could walk away feeling completely confident being their true, authentic selves.

After four years of building relationships with their incredible guests and team members, they came to the realization that taking time for self-care, living life with meaning and purpose, focusing on the joys in life, and practicing what makes you happy are all elements that we want and crave in life.

It was these elements that inspired them to create a community that encourages self-love, empowers individuality, and focuses on being your most authentic self. They seek to inspire, guide, and motivate you to live your true passion.

What began as a blowout bar has since transformed into a community of wellness + beauty with an emotional connection between your everyday life and the services they provide, the products they’ve chosen, and the culture they’ve create.

With curated collections, along with insights through their blog and online community, they aim to inspire, guide, and motivate you to live your true passion and elevate your act of self-love and authenticity.


Welcome to Heat°, friend. We're so glad you're here.