Don’t underestimate the icing on the cake. Polish off your look with finishing touches that pull it all together and amplify your vibe.



Make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more awake without the need for eye makeup.

Classic Set

Simple, beautiful, natural-looking lash extensions. They are applied on a 1:1 ratio, one extension on one natural lash.


60-Minute Fill

For those that have gone approximately 3 weeks since their last lash appointment and have at least 50% of lashes remaining. Any less will be considered a full set.


Lash Extension Removal

Removal of all lash extensions.


New Guest Lash Extension Consult

If you have a set of lashes from an outside source and are in need of restoration, visit with one of our lash artists to best determine your course of repair.

*We ask that you please arrive to your lash appointment with no eye makeup on. There will be an extra fee applied for makeup removal.




No matter the occasion, our makeup artists will hand-craft the effect you desire.

Full Face with AirBrush Foundation

A foundation base comprised of a micro-fine mist that floats onto skin creating weightless layers of uniform, flawless coverage, followed up by customary eyes, cheeks, and lips tailored to your request.


Conventional Full Face

Hand-applied foundation base with customary eyes, cheeks, and lips custom crafted for you.


Eye Glam

For-your-eyes-only, whether you prefer a natural look or serious drama. We recommend applying your foundation prior to glamorizing your eyes.


Eyelash Set

Take your finished face up a notch with a set of 1-day duration lashes applied to your natural lash line.


Eyelash Application

Bring in your own set of 1-day duration lashes and we’d be happy to apply them.


Bridal Makeup Consult

Visit with one of our makeup artists to custom-create your desired look for that special occasion.