The Deanna

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Deanna's hair type is medium thickness with a slight wavy texture. Being the pro that she is, here is what she's found to work best for her and those of you that also have the same hair type.

Wash: Kevin.Murphy's Balancing.Wash
Rinse: Kevin.Murphy's Blonde.Angel
Before drying:

  • In my wet hair I use Kevin.Murphy's Untangled and Staying.Alive spray throughout
  • I then use about 5 pumps of Kevin.Murphy's Young.Again Oil on my ends

Day 1: I blow it out and wear it straight

Day 2: I curl it and spray a TON of Kevin.Murphy's Doo.Over in it

Day 3+: The next few days I'll wear it curly, touch up pieces as needed. I usually spray a combo of KM's Bedroom.Hair and the KM's Young.Again Dry Conditioner on the ends to give them some shine. I also use KM's Fresh.Hair Dry Shampoo as needed.

How often does she wash her hair per week?

"Once a week. It makes life way easier! Saves time. I'll wear it down until about day five, then it goes up for the last two."

'The Deanna' Bundle contains:
  • Kevin.Murphy Balancing.Wash
  • Kevin.Murphy Blonde.Angel Colour Enhancing Treatment
  • Kevin.Murphy Staying.Alive
  • Kevin.Murphy Young.Again Oil
  • Kevin.Murphy Doo.Over
  • Kevin.Murphy Bedroom.Hair
  • Kevin.Murph Young.Again Dry Conditioner
  • Kevin.Murphy Fresh.Hair

When purchased as a bundle, you save 10% in lieu of purchasing each item individually. The Deanna Bundle is a $258 value and must be purchased in the studio only.