What is a Lifestyle Studio?

As you’ve probably noticed, we have made some changes around here! We are so excited to introduce you to our community that encourages self-love, empowers individuality, and focuses on being your most authentic self. We seek to inspire, guide and motivate you to live your true passion, and thus, Heat° Salon + Lifestyle Studio was born.

Focusing on You

After four years of building relationships with our incredible guests, we came to understand a lot about who you are and what you embrace in life. Taking time for self-care, living life with meaning and purpose, focusing on the joys in life, and practicing what makes you happy are all elements that inspired us to create a community that embraces these essentials.

We set out to discover a new and unique way to boost your confidence, support your wellness and beauty journey, and ignite your spark from the inside out. At Heat° Salon + Lifestyle Studio, everything we do starts with you – the services we provide, the products we choose, the brands we partner with, and the culture we create.

A Bit of Background

Our desire to grow into a place of inspiration and to cultivate a community of wellness + beauty is what led us to transform into more than what we were. Our aspiration is to inspire an emotional connection between your everyday life and what we aim to provide. From delicious food + drink, new fashion + trends, chic designs + styles, to travel + leisure, life has so much to offer and we’re here to help you capture what truly brings you joy, what passions makes you tick, and what lights your inner fire.


New Offerings

To truly embody an all-inclusive place for our tribe to practice self-love and genuine authenticity, we have expanded upon our full-service salon offerings and have curated four distinct collections to help you live with purpose: Hair + Body, Lifestyle, Wellness, and Live-In-It.

With these collections, along with insights through our blog and online presence, we aim to inspire, guide and motivate you to live your true passion and elevate your act of self-love and authenticity.

So Much More to Come

These curated collections are just the beginning for our community of tribe members. With self-love, living life with meaning and purpose, and practicing what makes you happy at our core, many exciting ventures lie ahead, and we can’t wait to share this journey with you!

What are you waiting for? Shop our online collections and reserve an appointment with one of our passionate stylists today!