Finding the Right Hair Regimen for You

Whether you have dry, course hair in need of moisture or fine, brittle hair in need of volume, finding a haircare regimen that works for your needs can be a challenging road. With so many products available to us in a wide range of prices, it can feel almost impossible to find a great quality regimen that truly works for you. Consulting with a certified hair specialist for advice on what products to use and what to avoid is a great first step toward achieving your hair goals.
Consider your Hair Type + Needs
Most hair care lines have bundles depending on your hair type and needs. There truly are so many benefits to finding a bundle that is made for your hair type and works for you. Our salon carries the Kevin Murphy and Oribe lines of haircare because of their science-backed technology and effectiveness. Our stylists have found so much success in using these tailored products to fit their clients’ needs.
Styling Products
Styling products are essential to achieving your desired look but it’s important to understand how and when to use a particular product and what products to avoid. From dry shampoo to texturizers and hairspray, it’s important to know how and when to use these products to avoid damaging your beautiful locks. Speak with your trusted hair stylist if you’re wondering if your current hair regimen and styling products are truly the right fit for you.


Sometimes a splurge is worth it. (You get what you pay for!)
There is a lot of information that circulates social media about “dupes” for quality hair care products, but many don’t realize that with inexpensive versions of high-end products are often full of fillers and bad-for-you chemicals that can damage your hair. Often, if you waste your dollars on cheap knock offs, you will pay for it in the long run.
If you have questions about what products to use or are struggling with how to achieve your hair goals, book an appointment with any of our highly trained staff. We are happy to give you the guidance and confidence you deserve.
Cheers, sis!