Easy Does It

With fall in full swing, the kids are back in school and life has fallen into (somewhat) of a routine again so we took a moment to reflect on what could help make life a little easier for the busy parents out there. What did we come up with? Snacks!!! Is it just us or are those little ones always hungry?!?!

We caught up with busy mom, entrepreneur and jack-of-all trades, Jess Blais, and asked her to share with us an easy, healthy snack idea she serves her little ones while balancing distance learning, working from home, and the many other ventures she has on her plate.

Snacks please!

Hey, it’s Jess Blais, I am the owner of the local parenting website, Greater Mankato Mom (formerly Mankato Moms Blog), My husband and I also co-host George & Jess in the morning on Country 103.5 and you can find me in my spare time on YouTube at The Green Door Dinner Party.

I’m so excited to be hopping on to the Heat° blog today with a guest post!  I’m going to share a ‘recipe’ (I use that term loosely) that has become one of my kids’ favorite lunches or snacks.  These Snack Boxes (homemade Lunchables/to go charcuterie) are so easy to create and have on hand in your fridge for lunch or take on a road trip or picnic! My kids love to help choose the snacks and put the boxes together.

I start with a small, shallow plastic or glass container with a lid and a couple of smaller containers inside. Cupcake liners work great to keep some of the food separate! 

Now, for your ingredients.  Think of anything that your kids love that travels well.  I try to cover the food groups and include fruit, vegetables, crackers, meats, cheese and a couple of sweet surprises.

The final is step is putting all of your food items into the container.  Fold or roll the meat, cut the cheese into slices or cubes, cut the fruit into easy to eat sized slices and layer it all in. 

These snack boxes are so convenient to grab and go and offer a little more nutrition than some gas station options, you can also include nuts, berries, olives and chocolates for a to-go charcuterie for adults too!  I hope you enjoy this easy on-the-go snack! 


For more great ideas and mom-insights from Jess and her tribe,
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