5 Tips for TLC: Protecting Your New Eyelash Extensions

If you’re new to the lash extension world, it’s important you understand how to properly care for your fresh set of lashes. As your trusted beauty partner, we want to ensure you walk out of our salon feeling as confident in the care of your extensions as you do rocking them. Here’s a few guidelines you can follow to best protect your investment.

  1. Avoid oil-based products. Products with oil will actually break down the glue holding the lashes to your own. It’s important to check that you are using water-based beauty items while wearing your extensions. On the plus side, thanks to your new lashes you’ll find yourself wearing less makeup all together, lessening the risk of needing oily make up removers or products.
  1. Brush them. This may seem simple, but it’s pertinent to extending the life and look of your extensions. Don’t overdo it – but brush as needed when they need straightening out.
  1. Use a silk pillowcase. Just like extensions for your hair, silk pillowcases are an important player in the care of your eyelashes. The silk is much gentler on your extensions and will keep you from losing lashes in your sleep. 
  1. Hands off. Try not to touch, rub, pick, or pull at your lash extensions. This can be tempting, especially if you use makeup on them. Avoid waterproof products that can really stick on your lashes, making it tough to remove.
  1. Maintain. Last, but certainly not least, maintain the integrity of your lash extensions with maintenance. To keep them looking their best, schedule fills with your stylist every 2-3 weeks.

Following these tips is a simple and effective way to take care of your eyelash extensions. At Heat° Salon, each first-time lash client receives a complimentary care kit from us when they receive their first full set. Now get out there and enjoy that “I woke up like this,’ feeling, because you deserve it, friend.